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26 Mar 14 - 21:49

Hawaii's dangerous destinations revealed The group, which included chiu, baker, griffiths, griffiths' fiancee, and another friend came to the island from the san francisco bay area to explore the islands rugged beauty.They hiked into remote unknown lava pool near secret beach.Chiu said they had no intention of swimming that day.For nearly 30 minutes, they stood together watching this you may like the powerful waves roll into the shelves of lava rock on the north shore of kauai.But without warning, she said the two men were swept out to sea.Knew i couldn't do anything.If they dispatched a helicopter right now it would be too late, she said tearfully.Contrary to other reports, griffiths tried to save his friend, but was also pulled into the sea, chiu said. Monty downs, Graduation Dresses UK an emergency room doctor at wilcox hospital in kauai calls the drowning an endemic problem to the island of kauai.Had just been almost been a dirty little secret that hawaii was willing to sweep under the carpet, downs said.He witnessed drowning victims come in to his emergency room for years.But said this year has been even worst.In part, he believes because the deaths are occurring primarily at nonlifeguarded beaches.Most common victim is a man in his 30s, or 40s, or 50s with children.They come over for their wonderful vacation in hawaii, and all of a sudden the wife is a widow and the children are without a father, he told nbc bay area. Think there's more information out there through blogs, websites, and guidebooks, said sue kanoho, the executive director of the kauai visitors bureau.She blamed the published information which sometimes underplay the dangers of the spot for guiding tourists to highrisk locations on the island.She explained, a dangerous thing for me to do as a visitor bureau person.But at the same time, i think that it right to contact people and say that really inappropriate, please take it down. To ensure that her guests don get into trouble, kanoho even refuses to give directions to visitors who ask how to get to deadly shorelines like queens bath.The spot has become very popular because of its rock shelf, but when the weather changes and waves rise it can be deadly.The guidebooks state this, but kanoho would like to see all references to queens bath taken out of the guidebooks.A sign with skull and crossbones at the entrance to the beach keeps a tally of those who have drowned there 29. The investigative unit talked with doughty by phone.He agreed to an interview and then abruptly cancelled hours later.If the last four people that drowned on kauai had our books and had read it, none would have died because we specifically give detailed warnings about those areas. "Others have taken his side, too.In many editorials and comments, those who support the guidebook industry say that travelers have to be responsible for themselves. Meanwhile, joy chiu is still having a hard time coping with bakers' loss. "I think he is the most beautiful man Cheap Mother of the Bride Dresses i will ever know,"She said.She read about the dangers, but told nbc that better warnings about how unpredictable the ocean can be would have made her understand the dangers of the lava pools.She explained that if visitors can learn why the beautiful ocean view in front of them can give them a false sense of security, then that might be more useful than a simple danger warning. "It shouldn't have to take deaths to be able make changes like that,"Chiu said.

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